McIntosh Translations provides translations in various specialisations, ranging from marketing & advertising texts for the creatives industries, to course guides for universities, and blogs for the food industry.

Marketing & advertising

Travel & tourism

IT, website & software localisation

Education & academia

Fashion & design

HR & business administration

We encourage translators to specialise in specific subject matters as this can have a huge impact on the quality of a translation. In this way, you can rest assured that your internal business document has been translated by a translator with knowledge of business administration, or that your software strings have been translated by an IT specialist.


So, whether you need a translation of a press releases, website copy, software strings, flyers, brochures, CVs and motivational letters, apps, advertisements, or internal company documentation, among others, McIntosh Translations can help.


If you have any questions about one of these services, or would like to receieve a non-binding quotation, please contact us on +31 6 24648421 or send an email to Alternatively, you can complete the contact form.